13 Sports And Their Hottest Female Athletes

Sport has extended to the next level, not only for males but for females as well. These days female athletes are given equal recognition as men. They have proved with their highly professional guts to play all the sports that ever existed. They are working really hard for their professional career as a player. We have jotted down the list of the 15 hottest female athletes from different sports. Don’t think to scroll down to see.

Antonija Misura – Basketball

Antonija Misura, a famous basketball player, was born in Croatia, Sibenik. She is a professional basketball player for CCC Polkowice and the Croatia national team. She has represented her home country at several tournaments. She also appears in the Summer Olympics 2012. While growing up, she used to play a variety of sports, including volleyball. With the passing time, she got attracted to basketball. Misura gained a lot of media attention because of her looks. Attendees considered her to be the most beautiful woman at the summer Olympics 2012, and she was named Miss Mediterranean in 2019.

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