12 Red-Headed Iconic Female Celebrities

Red-Headed people are most sensitive to pain, according to research. Stereotypes regarding red-headed people are that they are evil and sorrowful. We should never judge a book by its cover, though! The truth is they always outstand. Despite all these negative images regarding red-headed peeps, these celebrities lift the style irrevocably.

Isla Fisher

The Australian-born actress managed to put her feet in Hollywood through the movie Scooby-Doo. She has amazed us all with her magic tricks in the film, Now You See Me. She also got fame for her roles in Wedding Crasher, Red Rod, and The Great Gatsby. She has written two young adult novels and a book series. Fisher signed her shoes for small step projects. She also donated a large amount for children with measles in north Syria. A mother of three children who knows how to carry herself. She looks stunning in her red hair and always makes a statement!

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