4 Ways Mental Illness Negatively Impacts Friendships (And 4 Ways It Helps)

Mental illness often causes people to feel lonely and out of place. It can push us to isolate, or act in ways that scare and confuse our loved ones. Our moods, behaviors, and appearance can change based on our thoughts and body sensations, making us difficult to understand.

One major aspect of our lives that mental illness takes a toll on is our relationships with others, especially our friends. These important people in our lives see us at our best, and endure us at our worst. My specific condition severely hinders my ability to build and maintain healthy, stable friendships, and I often feel unlovable as a result. Thankfully, I’ve met wonderful people who continue to show me that my mental illness doesn’t just make me a royal pain, but also a decent human being and true friend.

These are 4 ways my mental illness negatively impacts my friendships (and 4 ways it makes them better):

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