10 Signs You’ve Found A True Best Friend

Finding a true best friend is a challenge for people. Not because there aren’t amazing people out there, but because the truth of the matter is that people are scared to be their true, authentic selves. When you find those people that truly get everything about you—your quirks, your flaws, and your heart—you should hold onto them. How do we know when we find that, though? Here are 10 ways to know you found your true and authentic friends.

1. They call you on your bullshit.

Anyone can blow smoke and tell you that you’re making the right choice. That your stupid ex-boyfriend will come back and that you’re making the right decision buying that expensive dress. True friends, though, tell you that you’re being an idiot, that you deserve better, and that you should save your money. They aren’t scared to call you out because they know you need to hear it and they love you enough to be the one to say it. Watching you hurt or struggle is the worst thing to them, so they are willing to be honest at all cost.

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