10 Misconceptions That Make Our Wardrobe Tasteless

The main requirement that modern fashion makes to its followers is to deviate from the rules to emphasize individuality. Yet not many people dare to violate the idea of a style that stuck in their heads.

We at Bright Side made a list of common misconceptions that prevent us from looking stunning and showing our “self” with the help of clothes.

Misconception: black is slimming.
10 Misconceptions That Make Our Wardrobe Tasteless
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In fact: Black isn’t good on everyone and in itself cannot hide extra weight. To make your body visually thinner, you need a properly chosen cut, not black clothes.

Stylists recommend: Women who want to hide their flaws should avoid wearing shiny black fabric or fur. Yet contrasting accents will help to create a spectacular image and distract attention from drawbacks.

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